innuPREP DOUBLEpure Kit

Product Details
  • Flexible elution volumes between 30 and 50 µl (standard protocol) and 10 to 20 µl (»Mini-Elute« protocol)
  • High recovery rates of up to 95 %
  • Capable of processing fragment lengths of up to 30 kb

The innuPREP DOUBLEpure Kit allows efficiently extracting of DNA fragments from TAE or TBE agarose gels and utilizes a novel 2-step technology for purifying amplification products from PCR reaction mixtures. The Spin Filter column has a binding capacity of over 20 µg, making it possible to achieve high yields and excellent quality when isolating DNA fragments. In addition, the kit also produces recovery rates of up to 95 % depending on the fragment size. Other outstanding features of the innuPREP DOUBLEpure Kit include easy handling, flexible settings for elution volumes and fast purification protocols.

Starting material

  • PCR reaction mixes (up to 50 µl)
  • TAE agarose gels (up to 300 mg)
  • TBE agarose gels (up to 300 mg)

Average rate of return

  • PCR-purification: ca. 60 % – 95 %
  • Gel extraction: ca. 60 % – 90 %
  • depending on fragment length

Extraction time

  • PCR purification: approx. 3 minutes (2-step process)
  • Gel extraction: approx. 20 minutes

Fragment lengths

  • PCR-purification: > 60 bp – 30 kb
  • Gel extraction: 100 bp – 30 kb

Binding capacity

  • Column binding capacity: > 20 µg DNA



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Order number Quantity
845-KS-5050010 10 reactions
845-KS-5050050 50 reactions
845-KS-5050250 250 reactions
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