LabSen®851-1 Glass Combination pH Electrode for Viscous Solutions such as cosmetic products, BNC Con

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  • Proprietary pH sensor technology and materials from Switzerland
  • Unqiue LabSen conical glass membrane, maximizing the sensor's surface area, making the pH measurement for viscous samples easier and more reliable
  • Silver Ion Trap Reference System + Protelyte reference solution, preventing the electrode being contaminated by proteins
  • Standard BNC Connector
  • 6-Month Warranty fulfilled by Apera Instruments

Backed by proprietary Swiss sensor technology and materials, the LabSen® Glass 851-1 Professional Combination pH Electrode is designed for pH measurement for cosmetics and other viscous samples.

Silver Ion Trap Reference System+Protelyte Electrolyte - The LabSen 851-1 pH electrode adopts a Silver Ion Trap reference system and Protelyte reference solution, preventing the junction from being blocked or contaminated by proteins.

Unique Glass Membrane - The LabSen 851-1 pH electrode adopts a Conical glass membrane, which maximizes the sensor's surface area, making the testing in viscous samples easier and more reliable; also built tough, highly-resistant to general impact (completely different from the traditional fragile glass bulb sensor).

The electrode uses a BNC connector, compatible with any pH meters that use BNC connectors, such as Apera Instruments MP511, PH850, PH8500, PH700, PH910, PH950, PH820 and PC820. Temperature sensor is not built-in. Users need to have a separate temperature probe (ex: Apera Instruments MP500) to enable ATC or manually input temperature to realize temperature compensation.

The electrode is backed up with a 6-month warranty by Apera Instruments.



1. LabSen 851-1 User Manual




Material: Lead-free glass

Temp. Sensor: No

Junction: Ceramic*3

Reference: Silver Ion Trap

Electrolyte: Protelyte

Length: 120mm

Diameter: 12mm

Membrane Shape: Conical

Range: 0-14 pH

Temp. Range: 0 to 100°C (32 to 212°F)

Connector: BNC

Cable: 3 Ft

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