PC60-DE Replacement Probe for ZenTest® PC60-Z Smart Multi-Parameter Pocket Tester

หัววัด Multi-meter สำหรับเปลี่ยน PC 60, PC60-Z

Product Details

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  • Replacement probe for PC60-Z Multi-parameter Smart Pocket Tester, also compatible with PC60.
  • Measures pH, conductivity, TDS, salinity, resistivity, and temperature simultaneously for regular water solutions.
  • Double-Junction pH probe, suitable for dirty and complex solutions and extends service life by up to 80%.
  • The unique blue glass bulb will never generate any air bubbles, making reliable pH tests easier than ever.
  • Brush-Resistant Platinum Black (BPB) Sensor ensures accurate conductivity measurement in a wide range for general water solutions.

The Apera Instruments PC60-E is the replacement probe for PC60-Z Smart Multi-Parameter Tester, also compatible with PC60 pocket pH/Conductivity Tester. Its dual sensor allows you to measure pH, conductivity, TDS, salinity, resistivity, and temperature at the same time. This probe features Apera's unique Brush-Resistant Platinum Black (BPB) Sensor, ensuring accurate Conductivity measurement in a wide range for general water solutions.

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