All Steel fume hood


Product Details

1. The outer shell material: The outer casing is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel
plate of 1.0mm thickness in the machining center, which is cut, positioned, punched,
bent and welded. After pickling and phosphating, the epoxy powder is sprayed and
cured at elevated temperatures. High adhesion and aesthetics.
2. The inner shell material: 5mm gray anti-double board, laboratory-specific
materials. It has a detachable maintenance hole for easy maintenance of circuits,
water and air lines.
3. Operation surface material: It adopts 12.7mm solid core physicochemical plate
countertop, acid and alkali resistant, chemical solvent corrosion, non-toxic and long
service life.
4. Fluorescent lamp: The fluorescent lamp is hidden at the top and does not come
into contact with the airflow in the fume hood for easy replacement. It uses a 12W
LED lamp with 5mm tempered glass.
5. Handle material: pvc handle.
6. Deflector material: 5mm anti-double board, laboratory-specific materials.
7. Socket: Multi-function splash-proof power socket
8. Front window material: pvc plastic profile frame, the window is made of
tempered glass, using stepless balance device, can move up and down, freely
9. Gas hood material: made of PP material, integrated, acid and alkali resistant,
corrosion resistant
10. Distribution box: Meets 220V and 380V power requirements, and is equipped
with motor protection device.
11. Control switch: 12V liquid crystal touch switch, centralized control of the entire
circuit system.
12. Equipment’s process Description: All steel plates were soldered with epoxy resin
powder and visually observed without solder joints. All water, electricity and gas
paths must be safe, suitable and concealed. Maintenance holes are provided on both
sides of the cabinet for maintenance and safety inspection.
Three baffles can discharge harmful gases of different height spaces from different
areas. The fume hood exits the air in the fume hood at a working surface wind speed
of 0.5 m/s to ensure that no residual gas is present. The ventilation efficiency is high,
the exhaust air volume is about 1600m3 / h, and the noise is small.
13. Lower cabinet material: 1.0mm high quality cold rolled steel plate (double layer),
non-welded connection, removable pad. After molding, cutting, positioning,
punching, bending and welding in machining center, after pickling and phosphating,
the epoxy resin powder is sprayed and cured at a high temperature.

  Model SW-TFG-12 all steel SW-TFG-15 all steel SW-TFG-18 all steel
 Working area size
 (W*D*H) mm
 Overall dimension
 (W*D*H) mm

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